Monday, September 21, 2015

Critical Youth Development

Critical Youth Development

Assuming that the YD ideology inventory was done correctly, I identify with critical youth development most. The orientation of this horoscope is, "a focus on how youth engage with and impact their communities and cultures." I strongly agree with the results of the inventory.I believe that if youth know how to critically think and understand the situations they find themselves in, combined with their strengths and resources, they are able to prevent/ avoid situations they do not want to find themselves in. Therefore, prevention because a natural reaction/ mechanism.

The second category I most identified with was positive youth development. The orientation of this outcome supports my initial idea even more. The orientation of this horoscope is, "a focus fostering strengths and positive growth also helps prevent negative outcomes."Above I mention that critical thinking will enable youth to prevent/ avoid situations they would not like to find themselves in, based on this perspective, critical think would be the strength and would prevent negative outcomes.

I am comfortable with the fact that risk, residency, and prevention was the horoscope that I least identified with. Based on personal experiences, I feel that youth do not respond well to adults assuming that they can not make good choices for themselves, or when they are treated like their judgement isn't good enough. I maybe completely wrong but that is something I would hate to put someone through and like to avoid.

Overall I enjoyed this inventory. It allowed me to understand more about myself and understand other approaches. Although I may not identify as strongly with one, I can see how that perspective is still effective and at times necessary.

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